Kekokua Foundation | One Day Community Service Event
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One Day Community Service Event

Once a year DWM sponsors a one-day charity event for all employees. They are able to volunteer with various non-profit organizations and are able to give back to their local community. Through Habitat for Humanity, they offer a corporate team building Program. The Team Building Program is an opportunity for a company to take a day out of the office to work together as a team. The group will have to communicate, cooperate, and get the job done. You may choose to work exclusively with your colleagues or invite clients and friends to join you. Through this program, companies are encouraged to provide a financial donation of $2,500 for their volunteer event. Habitat EB/SV’s Playhouse Program is a collaborative effort of local corporations, community groups, and Habitat EB/SV's volunteers to build and donate children’s playhouses to local families and service organizations working with children. The Playhouses can be donated to any employee, group, or charity of your company’s choosing. Any children’s non-profit organization on in the Bay Area can apply for a donated playhouse, and any local 501[c]3 organization can request a unit for its own fundraising purposes. Habitat EB/SV is also providing playhouses directly to families through various agencies such as Blue Star Moms, Silicon Valley Center for Independent Living, Bill Wilson Center, and the Gilroy Foundation. If you wish to donate the Playhouse to Habitat EB/SV we will offer the playhouse to one of our partner families or auction the playhouse to raise funds for our mission to provide safe, decent, affordable housing.