Kekokua Foundation | One Warm Coat Drive
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One Warm Coat Drive

Along with other drives the foundation puts together, every fall we host a coat drive! We recognize that many adults and children do not have the resources to get the warm coats they need throughout the winter. We all have that hallway closet full of coats that never get worn. Those coats can provide warmth for a deserving adult or child. The foundation encourages each employee to bring in at least one coat for every member they have in their family, in hopes to reach 100 coats.

In 2015, DWM employees donated 43 coats to men, women and children of all ages. This year the recipient of our One Warm Coat Drive was the Bay Area Rescue Mission.

The Rescue Mission helps meet the basic needs of hurting and homeless men, women, and children in the Bay Area with food and a clean, safe place to sleep. This protection from the elements and from the hazards of street life is essential to our guests’ health and state of mind, especially for women with small children. It also gives them the opportunity to begin addressing their problems.