Kekokua Scholarship

The KeKokua Scholarship, through funding by Destination Wealth Management, grants college scholarships to deserving high school students whose lives have been impacted by life circumstances. Many of the students come from broken homes, have struggled with addiction or come from a home of addiction, have been incarcerated or have parents who are or have been incarcerated.

Each spring the DWM Charity Committee receives over 100 applications from students (ranging in age from 16 to 50) and the committee selects 10 candidates. They conduct phone interviews with each of the selected candidates and offer the scholarships personally at an awards ceremony.

Applicants must maintain specific GPA requirements, qualify for low-income assistance and must have participated in community service and/or have evidence of leadership, honors, or awards

The KeKokua Foundation believes education is the key to our future and these scholarships will help unlock brighter futures for deserving and dedicated students.