We Believe

Our mission is offering a caring perspective focused on helping others by acting with kindness and empathy. We seek to provide compassion to those in need.

We believe we all have a responsibility to make the world more equitable, accessible, and tolerant. To accomplish this, we work with local organizations to change, empower and improve the quality of life of those needing assistance. Contributions to the Foundation are primarily made by Destination Wealth Management, along with private contributions.


With passion, we believe:

  • There are those less fortunate than us that need our help
  • It is selfish not to help others in need
  • Talk is meaningless and actual tangible help is what truly matters
  • Individuals and companies have a duty to be kind to others
  • Being grateful means we show our support for those in need
  • We notice and respect individuals and companies that choose a path of kindness and empathy